2017 Greater Manchester “Chunhui Cup” Oversea Students Entrepreneurship Competition – Call for Programs

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12th Chunhui Cup International Business Plan Competition 2017 (Manchester Sub-Contest)

2017 Greater Manchester “Chunhui Cup” Oversea Students  

Entrepreneurship Competition – Call for Programs


Organized  by Chinese  Students  and  Scholars  Association  of Manchester,  and  supported  by Education section of Chinese Consulate in Manchester, Greater Manchester “Chunhui Cup” Oversea Students Entrepreneurship Competition will be held in University of Manchester, on 07 July, 2017.

High-level entrepreneurs from industry and academia across the Great Manchester are invited to submit their own Entrepreneurship Program for the competition on the following topics: New Energy and New Material Engineering, Biomedical Engineering and Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Financial and Management, Agricultural, Culture and other related topics.

The main goal of the competition is to build a larger platform for the  Chinese students in the Great Manchester. Successful team will have opportunities to attract investors in both UK and China, greatly improve the success rate of entrepreneurship and capital market melding. 50 teams will be selected for preliminary and 20 teams for semi-final. 3 special prizes, including Best Technology Innovation, Best Commercial Potential Program, and Best Business Model Innovation, would be awarded with generous bonus.

Key Dates (strictly enforced)

Process Date
Call for Program Open 2017.05.22- 2017.06.15
Team Notification for Preliminary 2017.06.11 – 2017.06.25
Team Registration for Preliminary 2017.06.26 – 2017.07.01
Preliminary 2017.07.07
Semi-Final 2017.10
Final 2017.12

There is no page limited for program introduction. The authors should keep in mind that the focus of their introduction should be on presenting challenges, applications, solutions and ideas related to the above topics in a commercial and practical manner in the real situation.

                                           Registration method

Each program should be submitted as a PDF document and include the following information:

Topic (from the list above) that the entrepreneurship program is associated with

The entrepreneurship program title

Candidates’ names and affiliations and contact information

Brief description of program

Complete business proposal

Any that do not contain this information will not be considered for acceptance.

The entrepreneurship program application should be emailed to chuangyedasaiuk@gmail.com by 2017/06/20. Contact person:   Mr. Luoyun Xu. Wechat: xlybob_9879.

Mr. Guanhai Cao. Wechat: Goblin_Shark_

Mr.Lingyun Yan. Wechat: wxid_vh1w1p6wqdya21                                                                                Miss Rui Zheng   Wechat: zr123rui

Visit the competition website for more information:  www.cssaman.org.uk .


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